Pay it Forward

on the set of Lien On Me

On July 1st Lien On Me joined the hundreds (if not thousands) of web series that already grace the ether of the world wide web.  In doing so, we also joined a community of extremely talented artists. To be a part of such a fast growing and unpredictable market is extremely exhilarating. Web Series seem to be the new frontier of entertainment. They are still relatively unknown and nobody quite knows what to make of them. Actors, writers and producers are chomping at the bit trying to come up with their own unique spin and create series  that will be the next big thing. Some series have a tremendous advantage,  produced by huge corporations like Sony, while smaller projects are using a  grass roots effort to get their show known to the public. To get an idea of the money invested in the future of web series just take a look at  TubeFilter and NewTeeVee where you’ll find stories like MyDamnChannel getting $4.4 Million in financing.  A more grass roots approach can bee seen with Anyone But Me fundraising over $16,000 from their fan-base.   Sponsored series is another way… An article about getting sponsorship can be read here.  In addition you have Web Series Today, StoryGas, Web Series Network,  All of which are jumping off points and inspirational outlets for producers.  As a producer, it’s wise business to know what’s out there and to find ways to promote your show any way possible. It’s essential to join the growing number of web series communities. Of course, each producer out there wants you to watch their show and that might be the number one reason people join these groups. However, if you scratch beneath your own agenda, you’ll find a huge network of dedicated artists creating some awesome shows. You might even find a few shows that you become addicted to. After all, most of the series out there are being funded by the people involved. It’s a labor of love and sometimes that’s all it takes to make a great show. Check out these indies Back On Topps, Dropping The Soap (coming soon), Agents of Cracked, Old Friends, We Need Girlfriends, Semi Dead, and and and… go to Indie Soap Awards to find more…


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