Realtor Johnny Columbus finds himself trapped in the housing crisis where he can’t sell a house to save his own. His wife Theona’s suicide hotline service is rising faster than national unemployment, yet, it’s still not enough to please their loan broker, Don Steiner, who puts them on notice that eviction is impending. To save the house, Johnny and Theona invite their quirky friends, Carly and Charlie, to rent a room – despite the fact that their finances are as convoluted as their concept of reality. Laura Jenkins, Johnny’s boss, is coping with her foreclosure by squatting in the vacant properties that Johnny can’t sell. She’s also offloaded her socially inept nephew, Blake, onto Johnny, with the expectation that he will teach Blake the intricate ways of Real Estate. Blake is keen to oblige Johnny in his task if it means he can be close to his new obsession: Johnny’s wife, Theona.  Johnny and Theona will have to endure a barrage of absurdities to save their home. Or their sanity. It’s not likely they’ll be able to do both.

Starring: David Beatty, Ammar Ramzi, Heather Dara Williams, Dyan McBride, Dennis O’Brien, Melita Ann Sagar, Isaiah David Mahmood and Gerry Katzman.

Guest Starring: Sean Wing, Christopher Shaw, Caitlin Prennace, Jessie Gold, mara mirini, Paul Witten, Jeanne Syquia, Jordan Woods, David Cramer, Lee Samuel Tanng, Scott Miller, Nathan Patrick Agin, Tina Martini, Lynn Kubasek, Rick Kopps, Hasan Mahmood, Jami McCoy, Alexandra Goodman, Lindsey Goodyear, Brenda Glim, David Seidoff, Karen Cooke, Chrystal Alamo, Michael Dempsey, Jaclyn Friedlander, Alexa Clare, Dick Hess and Grace Tejano.

Directed by Nino Mancuso

Produced by Ammar Ramzi, Nino Mancuso and David Beatty

Cinematographers: Steve Smith (11 eps) , Louis Normandin (2 eps)

Boom Ops: Lee Samuel Tanng, Sam McDonald 2.0, Hasan Mahmood

Make Up Artist: Melita Ann Sagar

Writers: Nino Mancuso, David Beatty

Editor: Nino Mancuso

Grip: TJ Marchbank

Set Dressor: John Chen

Special Thanks: Claire Bennett, Carolyn & Jennifer Lewis, Jim & Sharon Andersen, Sam & Rose Compolito, Dennis Gurden, Danielle Lajoie, Brenda Glim, Jennifer Walker, Sonya & Marcus Hatch, The City of Huntington Beach Police Department, Locatin Sound Corp and Storyteller Printing.